Matt Daigle

CEO of Rise

“At Rise, we believe in next generation home building, today. Making sustainable home building choices should be engaging, and should benefit everyone – financially, socially, and environmentally. Our goal is to make it easier and more accessible for everyone to take advantage of the amazing technologies and advancements in sustainable home building, and breaking down barriers to adoption like cost prohibition and rebate/incentive availability – making it a no-brainer for any homeowner or professional to design and build this way. We’re on a mission to change the residential construction landscape by helping everyone build better homes that are fit for tomorrow’s standards.”

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Q: Civic Technology can be defined as “empower citizens or help make government more accessible, efficient and effective”.  Do you think that Rise does this? If so, how?

Definitely, yes. The nature of the work that we do is beyond the financial side of things, we’re passionate about protecting the environment and empowering our customers to gain the knowledge they need to both save money, and live a more sustainable life. This can be further reflected by our aspiring b-corp certification, which is something really important to us – we’re passionate to be a business force for good. We’ve got multiple stakeholders involved in our platform who all share the focus of benefitting the end user to achieve a sustainable home and lifestyle, these include home improvement professionals, suppliers of environmentally friendly products, energy suppliers/utilities, among many others.

Q: What are the biggest hurdles that Rise solves?

There are a number of myths that sustainable living is too expensive and generally out of reach for many families, however, this isn’t really true at all. Purchasing environmentally friendly products for one’s home isn’t all that expensive, and can have incredibly positive returns through savings. Our mission at Rise is to break this myth down further through educating the masses about sustainable living – the products on the market, the impact they will have on the environment, the money they will save, and everything inbetween. We want sustainable living to be a mainstream lifestyle, something attainable by all.

We want sustainable living to be a mainstream lifestyle, something attainable by all.

Q: How has the service developed over time?

The vision has remained consistent since we started Rise, we’ve focused on how we can grow something bigger that will have a greater impact while also benefitting all of the stakeholders involved.

Q: What is the role that data plays in your business?

Data plays an instrumental role in helping us communicate the impact of environmental decisions – for example, if a user is deciding between two water heaters, we use the data of the product and impact it would have in regard to water supply, energy to heat the water, etc. to communicate the overall impact of that water heater in the user’s home. It’s essentially data science used to define the financial ROI and environmental impact of the various products a user can buy to build a more sustainable home, cultivating or further developing a sustainable lifestyle.

Q: How does the data you collect impact your business and operations? Does it impact the bottomline of Rise?

Our mission is to provide users with all the education they need to make informed decisions for sustainable living. Data is at the core of this value proposition and has a major impact on our bottom line.

Q: What role has the government played in Rise’s success?

The government has been super helpful in terms of funding programs for helping us get on our feet, things like ACOA, ONB, NRC, IRAP and Planet Hatch. Beyond that, we’ve begun working with a number of different energy utility companies to help expose and advertise rebate programs by tying them to tangible products. These will help reward the individuals who choose more environmentally friendly products for their home, and their efforts to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


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